Personal Exhibition “The Shadow of the good ones”
(Lima, Peru)–2018

As an important part of the Mercedes Sosa Project forever, ‘The Shadow of the good ones’ is the first pictorial tribute to the beloved and remembered Argentine artist Mercedes Sosa, ‘La Negra’, ‘The voice of Latin America’.

‘The Shadow of the good ones’ is the debut of ‘Be part of the Art’, a proposal that seeks to join audiences everywhere through a piece called ‘All hands all.’ The name reflects the intention to unite the whole world through the hands and to bring a message of peace and harmony in a world that needs a lot of both.

This event was sponsored by the Argentine Embassy in Peru and was opened with a speech by Mrs. Ambassador, Ana María Ramírez. The speech was followed with a performance by The Argentinean artist Arnaldo Molinari and the Peruvian artist and journalist Jaime Montalvo Carbonel.