First Pictorial Anthology and Literary Homage to Mercedes Sosa.

The download of the book is totally free and free, if you download it, support the Tribute by spreading this work and if you want a printed copy, you can request it by sending your request to the email Thank you very much!!!.


This book is the fruit of the effort to continue paying homage to Mercedes Sosa and her personal and artistic legacy.

I must first of all thank my wife and children, vital engines who have given me the energy to make this book possible.

Thank you, who inspired me to carry out my pictorial tribute, which began as a project and is now a reality. My thanks also to the Cuban painter and writer Noel Guzmán Bofill Rojas for the support provided in Cuba back in 2015 when we exhibited together in Havana.

Also my eternal gratitude, to all who in 2018, attended my call for the First International Poetry Contest Tribute to Mercedes Sosa whose literary works you will enjoy below.

Finally, many thanks to the artists who, after the Contest, attended the call started last year to further enrich this Anthology.

Many of the artists are anonymous, unknown to the public, but not for that reason, owners and owners of a unique talent and sensitivity. My happiness and pride for your contributions to this literary tribute dedicated to our dear Mother of Latin America, the dear Mercedes Sosa.

To all of you, my eternal and sincere gratitude.