Be Part of the Art

Historically, art exhibitions have been characterized by being visual with little or no participation for the viewer.

But The Shadow of the Good is not just another exhibition, it is the first and only pictorial tribute to the renowned and beloved artist of Argentine and Latin American music Mercedes Sosa. Beloved and recognized as “La Negra” or the “Voice of Latin America.”

“The shadow of the good ones” is the name given to the work that seeks to honor this great woman, mother, artist and fighter within the “Mercedes Sosa Forever Project”.

Therefore, in addition to honoring our beloved “La Negra”, my goal is that through her and Art, the world has a good reason to unite under a simple proposal, full of color, life and emotion.

The main objective of “BE PART OF ART” is to seek through art the union of human beings of good will in a world devoid of love, respect and peace.

Nothing of the expressed has religious or religious significance, since what is sought is to unite and not create discord.

The initial work consists of two canvases each of 1.20 x 0.80. In the center, I have sketched Mercedes’ face and the rest of the space has been completed with small and large hands (childhood and maturity).

Those who cannot be part of it in a physical way, can join this proposal in a virtual way. There are just a few guidelines to keep in mind:

Post on my facebook wall or send me an email, with the photo of the left hand (left hand … hand of the heart … hand of feeling).
By publishing the photo give knowledge of the desired type of hand.
Desired color or colors.
A message … of support, encouragement, love. Yes, positive message … remember, the world needs positive things.
With the aforementioned, it will make you part of “BE PART OF THE ART” and believe me, with your contribution of love and peace, you will have contributed a little more to making this a BETTER WORLD !!!

JOIN US … HELP ME ADD HEARTS OF PEACE, because this is not my work … IT IS EVERYONE’S WORK !!!