How did the Idea of This Project Emerge?

In 2015, I was invited by the renowned Cuban plastic artist and poet, Noel Guzman Bofill Rojas to exhibit in Havana (Cuba) The show was called ‘Men of Sun and Sea’ and was opened on August 6, 2015.

It was at this occasion, in a conversation with one of the curators of the exhibition, Kenia Ramírez B.A, I got the idea of making a tribute to the greatest voice of Argentine music and one of the biggest in Latin America, our beloved recognized and remembered Mercedes ‘La Negra’ Sosa.

Back in Lima, I started the beautiful task of creating and giving shape to the project and the first two pieces were completed in. November 2015, They were exhibited to Peruvian public at the Maria Angola Convention Center (Miraflores), an event with participation by three amazing Argentine artists Piero, León Gieco and Victor Heredia.

These three music giants of the continent made their performance as part of their “Thanks to Life Tour Tribute to Mercedes Sosa’ and the paintings ‘Bread, Peace and Good’ and ‘A Nation in my Voice’ was displayed on the stage.


General Goal:

Remembering and bringing back Mercedes Sosa, the greatest voice of America for her artistic expressions and her transcendence in several continents through visual arts that will provide a whole encyclopedia of her life.

Specifics Goals:

Goal 1:

Prove the universality and impact of Mercedes Sosa’s artistic work, in the Latinamerican youth through the humanistic values of her musical compositions translated into the world of plastic arts.

Goal 2:

Interpret Mercedes Sosa’s work in an interaction with the public in search of what is essential and authentic.

Goal 3:

Influence and be an active part of the different organizations or cultural movements, which promote the values of the biggest figures of the continent, committed to the more courteous causes of our nation and in defense of their traditions.

Goal 4:

Through the proposal ‘Be part of the Art’, to work on a piece in a process that has a beginning but no end, a piece that connects everyone to the Project and to Art in a very special way, by joining people in a message of Peace and Union without distinction of ethnic group or geographical region. The piece will have the name ‘All hands all’ because it symbolizes the union between people, ‘their hands.’